Consulting for test manufacturing

We produce a wide range of test-products, both large and small, by reflecting various needs of various customers including R&D , improvement of manufacturing process, and sample products for review/evaluation.

Production of 3D modelling parts

In addition to making sample products or 3D designing based on the original 2D data, we are engaged in producing various forms of 3D data such as free-style 3D modelling, mechanism, or architectural designs.

We accept orders in small slots — or for a single piece—even in a short term due. We are also able to provide partial modification of a product by using high quality of 3D modelling or laser etching.

Consulting for large scale manufacturing

We design producing procedures which allow achieving competitive pricing on your products by reducing cost or shortening the work process from the production designing state.

We also offer detailed technological services including providing test/analysis data or shortening the producing periods.

Large scale manufacturing technology of plastic parts, pressing, cutting, moulding, forging parts, etc.

Ideas for realizing large scale production beginning with suggesting product specifications or cost effective planning

Development of various products for various purposes

Designing/creating metal patterns and moulding

We offer designing/creating cost effective metal patterns as well as moulding of a few lots of products.
Our staffs, having various experiences in actual moulding works, metal pattern designs, CAD development, etc., will provide full supports.

Outline of our service procedures

We support all the way from consulting, designing, development, testing, management to maintenance.

We create VE – Value Engineering – merits.

Also, our various technologies, such as designing, testing, and mass production, will lead to create another value by combining these different elements (synergy effect).
Please contact us first.

With our service procedures, we provide unique and entire support to improving pre/post manufacturing processes, which will result in certain success.